DSG Energy Limited Awarded


DSG Energy Limited (“DSG Energy”) was awarded by World Green Organisation the “Green Office Awards” and “Eco-Healthy Workplace” Labels, in recognition of DSG Energy’s dedication to adopting green measures and building a healthy working environment for its staff.

Mr. Samson Lam, Managing Director of DSG Energy, said, “It is a tremendous honour to receive this recognition as a new established company. Running our business in a safe, economically, environmentally and socially responsible way is part of our vision, same as to build a sustainable future. We carry out and participate in various environmental protection projects and devote to create a green workplace for our staff. The award motivates us to continue promoting environmental conservation, aspiring us to join hands with our staff and the public to build a sustainable future together”.

DSG Energy has been strongly advocating environmental protection and stimulates sustainable and eco-healthy culture in the workplace. While it strives to reduce the impact on earth caused by energy consumption, it also encourages every colleague to take part in being green in office. To drive positive social impact with actions, we apply various measures at the office:

  • energy saving – reduce number of lights with open-plan office, energy control on electrical appliances, installing recycle bins to sort garbage
  • waste reduction – provide non-disposable cutleries, reuse envelope and stationery, participate in red packets recycle campaign, replace paper fax by e-fax
  • water saving – drinking water and water tap monitored by tea lady
  • eco-healthy workplace – fruit day, herbal tea, footrest and mobile chairs with head rest, air purifier

The Green Office Awards and Eco-Healthy Workplace Labelling Scheme was initiated by the World Green Organisation (WGO) in 2013. By awarding companies who had made efforts to “green” their offices, WGO encourages large corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to get involved and be inspired, educated and motivated to make the first step to go Green. Participating companies are evaluated in 9 stipulated aspects of operations include “Energy Savings”, “Education and Awareness” and “Green Innovation”

DSG Energy was awarded by the “Green Office Awards” and “Eco-Healthy Workplace” Labels