DSG Energy introduces our new gas bill payment method for piped customers: AlipayHK

As the LPG industry pioneer, DSG is the 1st Hong Kong LPG supplier to have in-app bill payment service, providing customers with a secure, fast and convenient way to settle gas bills.

How do I use AlipayHK to pay my bill?

  1. Select “Bill payment”

  1. Select “Public Utility”

  1. Select “DSG Energy (Shell Gas)”

  1. Enter your 10-digit customer code and payment amount

  1. Upon successful completion the transaction details will be displayed.  You can also view details in “My bills”

  1. Future payments can be made in “Payment record”

For enquiries relating to AlipayHK and its services, please call the AlipayHK customer service hotline at 2245 3201 or visit