DSG Energy Limited Awarded

‘HKMA Quality Award – Special Award for Small Enterprises and Start-ups’

First Launch “myDSG” App with GPS Locator Services

Enhancing and Optimising Tradition Business with Innovative Thinking

(Hong Kong, 28th October, 2019) Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which resembles a more traditional energy source, actually has high relevance with many aspects of our daily lives. For example, there are more than 18,000 LPG taxis driving on streets today. LPG is one of the most indispensable clean energy sources available in market.

In the pursuit to meet the high standards of professional development within the industry, DSG Energy Limited (“DSG Energy”) is taking a new direction with their customer experience and human resources strategies in an innovative approach to encourage the LPG industry to employ and invest in both young and silver-hair group talents in the workforce.

Together with the launch of DSG Energy’s first mobile application “myDSG” and an optimisation of management strategies within the company, DSG Energy has proven to be a great success. The company has achieved recognition of this, having recently been awarded the HKMA Quality Award “Special Award for Small Enterprises and Start-ups” 2019. In addition, DSG Energy has also gained recognition for its excellent performance in its safety, customer service, employer branding and business excellence. All of this has been achieved as a new start-up company within the last one and a half years. Awards include:

  • Good MPF Employer 2019/20
  • Mystery Caller Assessment Award – Gold (2018) by HK Call Centre Association
  • “Retail Ambassadors” (2018-2019) by Hong Kong Retail Management Association
  • Caring Company (2018/19) by Hong Kong Council of Social Service
  • HSBC Living Business Supply Chain Leaders Award (2018) by HSBC/ Business Environment Council
  • EMSD “LPG Cylinder Distributor Safety Performance Recognition Scheme” (SPRS) – Most Gold Awards for 4 consecutive years
  • Green Office Label and Eco-Healthy Workplace Label (2018/19) by World Green Organisation

Mr. LAM Yuk Ching, Samson, DSG Energy Limited Managing Director (middle) took photo with Dr CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, Acting Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the Government of the HKSAR (right) and Mr SIT Wing Hang, Alfred, JP, Director of EMSD (left) at 2019 HKMA Quality Award Dinner.

Brand NewmyDSGMobile Application

DSG Energy is the first LPG supplier to launch a mobile app for its customers in Hong Kong. In addition to the conventional face-to-face customer service experience, the mobile app offers a new and comprehensive range of online services and functions to enhance the overall customer experience.

One of the highlights of “myDSG” app is its use of GPS locator service to enable customers to find the nearby Shell Gas (LPG) distributors without hassles. The app allows easy access for customer to order gas from our distributors anytime, anywhere by simply clicking the “Order” button.

Piped LPG customers can also use the app to view monthly gas bill, online meter reporting, monitor past bill information and make online appointment. The app also features the latest promotions, news and cooking recipes to make our customers’ life better and easier.

Applying innovative business model to operate the traditional LPG business, DSG Energy recently awarded the HKMA Quality Award ‘Special Award for Small Enterprises and Start-ups’ 2019, recognising its efforts in leadership, strategy, customers, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, workforce, operations, and results.

“myDSG” app offers GPS locator function and
dedicated customer service.

High Demand for Talent in LPG industry  Encourage Continuous Talent Development

In order to upkeep the professionalism of the whole DSG Energy team and maintain the high standards of safety and services quality, DSG Energy always strive for “No Harm No Leaks”. In addition, we encourage all frontline staff to obtain the Registered Gas Installer qualification. The license registration comprises classes 1 to 8 which allows our frontline staff to carry out a range of installation for not only residential customers, but also the complex installation, commissioning and servicing of gas equipment for commercial and industrial customers.

Majority of the DSG Energy’s frontline employees obtain class 1 or above Registered Gas Installer qualification, demonstrating the company’s commitment in maintaining the highest standards in safety. In September 2019, the company achieved ‘Goal Zero’ with a record of reaching six million hours Lost-Time-Injury (LTI) Free.