Pumpkin and Miso Soup

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  • Pumpkin 1/5

  • Kelp 1 piece in square shape (approx. 4 cm)

  • Tofu 1/4 cube

  • Clams 2

  • Soy milk (sugar free) 500ml

  • Miso 1 tablespoon

  • Water 1/2 cup

  • Bonito flakes as appropriate


  1. Steam the pumpkin for 15 minutes until soft.

  2. Heat up the sugar-free soy milk with 1 tablespoon miso until the miso dissolves completely, mix well, then add the pumpkin.

  1. Add the kelp slices, cook until soft and the flavor is released. Take them out and set aside.

  1. Mesh the pumpkin until smooth. Add the clams. If the soup becomes too thick, add half a cup of water. Then put the lid to cover the pan until the clams are cooked.

  1. Cut the tofu into pieces, put into the soup bowl. When the soup is ready, pour it into the soup bowl, and garnish with a bit of Bonito flakes. Ready to serve.