Chicken Soup with Cordyceps Flowers and Cashew Nuts


  • 1 bowl of cordyceps flowers

  • 6 dried longan

  • 2-3 dried shiitake mushrooms

  • 3 small slices of Chinese ham

  • 4-6 dried scallops

  • 1/2 bowl of cashew nuts

  • 200g pork

  • 1 chicken carcass

  • 2500mL water


  1. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water overnight. Rinse clean the next day.

  2. Submerge the chicken carcass, Chinese ham and pork in cold water. Cook on low heat. When the water begins to boil, take them out and rinse them clean.

  3. Soak the dried scallops and dried logans in water for at least 3 hours.

  4. Soak the cordyceps flowers in water for 10 minutes, then rinse clean.

  5. Put all the ingredients in cold water and cook on high heat until the water boils. Change to low heat after boiling for 15-30 minutes and continue to cook for 2 hours.