DSG Energy now supports Faster Payment System (FPS)

Since incorporation in 2018, DSG Energy has continuously brought professional and reliable service to users of Shell Gas, and strives to further enhance customer experience.
From 16th March 2020 onwards, our customers will be able to enjoy the convenient and quick payment services of Faster Payment System (FPS).

Finding the QR code

See the bottom of your bill statement

OR view your digital statement on ‘myDSG’ mobile application (coming soon)

How do I use FPS?

Log-in to your bank’s smartphone application and activate the ‘FPS’ function (alternatively named ‘QR Code Payment’), then simply scan the FPS QR code on your bill.


Before paying, please make sure that your customer account number and payment amount are correct and match your bill statement.

Once confirmed, you can continue to payment.

FPS Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Once you have activated the ‘FPS’ (or ‘QR Code Payment’) function in your banking mobile application, scan the FPS QR code on your gas bill statement and confirm the details on screen are correct.  Finally, select ‘Agree and Confirm’ to complete the payment.

Answer: Unfortunately our FPS gas bill payment service is only accessible by scanning your payment QR code through the FPS or QR Code Payment function in your banking smartphone application.

Answer: As long as you have a Hong Kong dollar bank account and have registered for personal internet banking, you can register for ‘FPS’.  Just link your bank account to your mobile phone number, email address or FPS ID.  Please check with your bank for more details.

Answer: The FPS QR code scanner is restricted to FPS codes only.

Answer: Only applications that can support payments with FPS can be used to scan the QR code.

Answer: Unfortunately the QR code does not allow delayed payments.

Answer: As the payment QR code is updated monthly, please make sure that you have your latest gas bill on hand.  Additionally, please be aware that FPS has a daily transfer limit of up to HK$10,000/day.

Answer: Generally up to HK$10,000/day.  You can log-in to your Personal Internet Banking to view and make changes to your daily maximum transfer limit to non-registered accounts.

Answer: You may check your recent FPS transactions in the ‘accounts’ section of your mobile banking application.  You can also see the transactions on your bank statement; however details (such as payee information) may not be displayed.

Answer: Please call the Shell LPG Customer Service Hotline 2435-8388 to submit an application and arrange for a refund.  You will need to provide your FPS transaction records and gas bill for verification.  The refund will be processed within 14 working days and returned by check to the address registered with your account.

Required details:

  • FPS transaction history
  • HKID/other Identity Document
  • Gas bill/bank statement (for verification of identity/refund address)

If you have any other enquiries, please contact the Shell LPG Customer Service Hotline: 2435-8388.