DSG Energy Limited Awarded “Consumer Caring Scheme 2019” Logo by GS1 Hong Kong

DSG Energy Limited is very honored to be awarded “Consumer Caring Scheme 2019” logo, organized by GS1 Hong Kong, recognizing our commitment to consumer care under the following areas: Keeping Promises, Caring for Consumers, Being Sincere, Ensuring Product Quality and Safety, Focusing on Service Quality and Caring for Employees. It confirms our dedication in excelling customers’ expectations with Safety First, Customer Centricity, Operational Excellence, Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Living “Safety First & Customer Centricity” culture, we strive to surpass history with innovation and professionalism, delivering the best products & services, and corporate social responsibility. We focus on the whole customer journey starting from before-sales, during-sales and after-sales. We provide all rounded channels and interfaces to assemble customers’ feedbacks for continuous improvement.

The award has affirmed our commitment in delivering highly reliable products and quality services. We always put high focus on end-to-end process management to ensure the product and service quality are with the highest standard. We have diverse systems to assure the business operates in a safe and sound manner. We put safety as our top priority, and we strive to give our customers the best.

First launched in 2011, the Consumer Caring Scheme organized by GS1 Hong Kong aims to recognise local organisations which demonstrate excellence in consumer care through effective use of technology and practice of consumer value-related strategies with an ultimate goal to uplift industry’s overall capabilities in delivering consumer product and service.