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Cheung Wah Estate

Transition to new LPG Experience

It’s our pleasure to be the appointed LPG provider in Cheung Wah Estate. We pledge to provide you and your family with a reliable supply of piped gas and a variety of exceptional services from DSG Energy Limited.

Being the authorized Shell Gas brand licensee in HK and Macau, we uphold our core value “Safety First & Customer Priority” to our value customers. Our commitment to customer service excellence has been widely recognized and has received multiple awards given by the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence.


About us

We are pleased to serve Discovery Bay in the near future.

Before transitioning to DSG Energy, here are the key milestone timetable and FAQs for your early information.

ANS:DSG Energy Limited is the authorized Shell Gas Brand Licensee in HK and Macau. We are proud to offer exclusively to our customers with Shell’s high quality products and services as well as an excellent level of customer service – including a reliable gas supply, technical expertise, excellent customer service and a continuous emphasis on meeting the highest safety standards. For more information, please visit our website at

ANS:Effective from 1st November 00:00, DSG Energy Limited will start supplying LPG at Cheung Wah Estate. During the transition, the LPG supply to customer home will not be affected.

ANS:LPG supply to customer home will not be affected. Customer only need to register a new LPG account in DSG Energy before 1st November to enjoy our services. The account registration arrangement details are shown in this webpage. Customer can select their most convenient method to register anytime they like.


  1. Register online via our website
  2. Download application form from and submit by email to
  3. Drop your application form to Collection Box at lift lobby of each block

ANS: All piped residential customers need to pay deposit $500 for account opening. In order to minimize the troublesome of change of LPG supplier, DSG Energy Limited will pay the said deposit on behalf of customers who submit the account opening documents before 31 Jan 2021.

Special conditions:
1. Each individual flat or unit of the Court can only entitle for this special deposit funding offer once;
2. This special offer is valid for customers who successfully completed the DSG account opening procedure within the first 3 months of the commencement of the Supply Agreement;
The deposit charge is non-transferrable and can be redeemed (by cheque) only if the customer has no outstanding gas fee to DSG upon the earlier of termination or expiry of this Agreement, or termination of the LPG supply agreement that the customer signed with DSG in respect of the supply of LPG to his individual flat.

ANS:To complete the registration, you are required to submit an application form together with a copy of HKID or passport (for personal account) or Business Registration (for company account) and a copy of gas bill from the current LPG supplier as an address proof. If you have any enquiry about the supporting documents, please feel free to contact our customer service hotline at 2435 8388.

ANS:The fee of monthly maintenance plan is HK$9 per month. Customers who join the monthly maintenance plan can enjoy
a. free check/repair service of LPG appliance (spare parts & components charges are not included) within 2 working days after receiving the service request and
b. Free checking and pressure testing of internal LPG pipework (any construction work, renovation, decoration & pipe replacement are not included)

ANS: If customer do not join the monthly maintenance plan, customer will be required to provide relevant safety and maintenance documents# to prove the LPG system and appliances in his/her premises is in safe and good condition. Without which he/she will need to arrange a mandatory checking of his/her LPG system and appliances by our company with a service charge*. Otherwise, the account opening application can be rejected.

If customer would like join the monthly maintenance fee plan in the future, he/she will need to conduct the mandatory checking of the LPG system and appliances arranged by our company with a service charge*.

If customer need to have the LPG system and appliances check/repair service offered by our company in the future, he/she will need to pay for each service*.

#Safety and maintenance documents should include:
• Registered Gas Contractor and Registered Gas Installer license no. and signature
• Customer address
• Inspection date and time
• Soundness test result of gas system (by leak test, soapy water)
• Brand and model of gas appliance
• Location of installed gas appliance
• Visual, function and validity check result of gas appliance, including appliance accessories & exhaust pipe
• Notice for gas emergency at prominent places
• Inspection results shared and signed by customer

*The current checking/repair fee of LPG system and appliances is HK$ 350.00 per service (spare parts & components charges are not included). No further notice will be issued if there is any change.

ANS:All LPG equipment will remain as is and therefore you are hassle free.

ANS:We will capture your meter reading on 31 Oct 2020 for new billing. Detail arrangements and schedule will be announced soon.

ANS:Without proper registration, LPG supply to you may be interrupted. Customers are advised to complete registration before 1st November 2020.

ANS:We offer a wide variety of payment channels for our customers. We accept FPS, AlipayHK, PPS, 7-11, Circle K, VanGo, Autopay and Cash. For more details, please see

ANS:Yes. We have a new mobile app “myDSG” to cater the needs of Shell Gas customers. We offer a comprehensive range of services and functions to enhance overall customer experience. You can click here to download the app and experience our online services.

ANS:You may refer our FAQs at here more information is needed, please feel free to call our customer hotline at 24358388 or send us email at We are happy to provide any information you need.

Method 1 – Online Registration

Complete the Web Form and upload all the required documents for verification.


Method 2 – Email Registration

Submit together with a copy of your HKID and a copy of exisiting LPG gas bill as address proof.
Send all documents to


Method 3 – Register and Submit In person

  • By hand: Submit to account opening counter or 24hours collection box which placed at lobby

Register Bank Autopay Now!

Complete the Autopay Form and return together with Account Registration Form us for free Gift


We are pleased to have you to join the DSG family and we hope you will enjoy our wide variety of services catering the needs of every customer.

Download MYDSG APP Now

“myDSG” is designed to cater the needs of Shell Gas customers. We offer a comprehensive range of online services and functions to enhance overall customer experience.

Key Features



Account info


Online Gas Bill


Past Bill Info


Online Appointment


Online Meter Reporting


Just a few simple steps, you will be able to activate your myDSG account and access to a swifter and more convenient mobile service !

Step 1

Account Activation

Go to 「Piped > E Gas Bill」

Step 2

First Time Register

Select 「First time register」

Step 3

Fill in information

Fill in the required information as instructed

Step 4

Confirm email

Open the email, click 「Account Activation」

Step 5

Account Login

Back to login view, input the email & password

Step 6

Successful Login

Congratulations! You are logged in!

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