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Leave the thinking to us! Find your dinner menu tonight by scrolling through our suggestions below, and follow our recipes to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. It’s simple, healthy and safe – and even tastier than takeaway!

Meat-Free Monday

Yummy fried rice is just what you need to fill your stomach! For a fully vegetarian version, just leave out the dried scallops. Pair with a healthy soup and stir-fried tofu for a full dinner set.

Superfood Tuesday

Boost your immune system with ‘superfoods’. Okra and oysters are nutritional and delicious, and easy to make at home.

International Wednesday

Bring the travel to you with these 3 recipes inspired by international cuisines.

Tasty Home Thursday

Key (and fast!) recipes every Chef Mum knows!

Fusion Friday

Dishes with foreign-flavour inspirations.

Seafood Saturday

It’s the weekend – treat yourself with all-out seafood tonight!

Summer Sunday

Stay fresh and cool with these recipes that will definitely make you feel the summer mood.