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LPG from Shell can provide a reliable energy supply that is flexible, and efficient.

LPG from Shell can provide a reliable energy supply that is flexible, and efficient.

If you are running a hotel, you need a reliable source of energy for many different applications including central heating, cooking, hot water, swimming pools and air conditioning. LPG from Shell means you can have a reliable supply of energy for all these applications, with less risk of power cuts, even in remoter areas.

LPG can also help your business have less impact on the environment, as it produces very little CO2, has low sulphur content and doesn’t produce any particulates which can cause air pollution

A constant supply of heating and hot water is vital to make sure your guests enjoy their time at your hotel. Heat from LPG is instantly available and can be used throughout the hotel to provide reliable heating and hot water.

Perfectly cooked food is an essential ingredient for successful catering, and by using LPG your customers can benefit from meals created using a more easily controlled and cleaner-burning fuel.

New LPG applications are emerging all the time and now LPG from Shell can be used as a very efficient alternative to electricity for new air conditioning units.

LPG from Shell is ideal for heating water for swimming pools and spas. Whether indoors or out, with an LPG supply from Shell you can help keep your pool or spa at the right temperature, even in the colder winter months.

In addition to using LPG from Shell for central heating, hot water and cooking, there are a multitude of other innovative applications that could increase your guests’ comfort, help improve the environment and save you money. These include:

If your hotel requires generators to ensure availability of electricity in the event of an emergency, consider LPG from Shell. It will provide the same power with less exhaust emissions and no potential for ground contamination.

Popular with resort hotels, this appliance replaces conventional street lights with an elevated flaming torch, where the LPG supply is housed in the base of the light.

The increasing cost of waste disposal has led to many hotel operators incinerating some of the waste on their premises. LPG-fuelled incinerators produce less exhaust emissions and are already being used by hotels to improve their local air quality.